Transition Manager


This role is responsible for buiding and managing a team of resources that ensure high-quality handover for New Business projects transitioning to Customer Support. Responsibilities of the business transition team include onboarding of customers into the Customer Service landscape, facilitation of shifting responsibilities between the customer, project team and CS prior to Go-Live, monitoring system performance during the first twelve (12) months of system operation, and adovacating for customer on post go-live technical issues.

This role facilitates the involvement of key CS resources during the project phase and monitors system performance of newly-transitioned projects. This person works with CS Account Managers and NB Sales Directors to understand/serve clients’ needs and manage new project reliability risks. Main performance indicators include CS’s overall preparedness/ability to support our clients, the quality of system performance, reduction of open points, level of customer satisfaction, and profitability of support.


  • Newport News, VA
    Newport News, VA, 美国
  • Controls Engineering
    Controls Engineering
  • Regular/ Permanent/ Full-time
    Regular/ Permanent/ Full-time


Core Tasks
•Hire, retain, and develop a team of business transition resources.
•Effectively manage team members in line with company policies and procedures, including performance, development and conflict resolution.
•Proactively report to management, so that they are well informed of the work currently in development.

•Implement team goals and objectives, supervise, train and guide team members:
•Follow up with projects after they are completed to assess for areas of improvement
•Provide team member assessment and feedback in Annual and semiannual reviews
•Perform lessons learned sessions with his team members.

•Attend New Business PPR meetings and regularly report on performance of upcoming and recently-transitioned projects.

•Establish trusted relationship with project, CS, and customer stakeholders to achieve/exceed as-sold system performance.
•Understand New Business projects scope and support Key Account Managers in onboarding clients to Customer Support.
•Ensure involvement of CS business transition resources during ommissioning/implementation. Participate in PAC/FAC testing of new installations.
•Conduct project handover meetings, facilitate Go-Live kick off meetings, and validate CFW_199 Handover Documents to ensure timely, complete transition to CS.
•Ensure adequate representation from the business transition team is present for ticket review meetings. Regularly meet with GHD Manager Manager to review incident resolution performance from team’s area of responsibility Ensure business transition team monitors system performance and assess
if the system is meeting original as-sold conditions. Manage internal resources to develop solutions to problem tickets for transitioning customers in a timely manner.



•Experience with automated material handling systems with a basic understanding of industrial automation.
•Proficient in the use of MS Office products and AutoCAD.
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including demonstrated presentation skills.
•Analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
•Bachelor’s Degree.


在你与我们一起为富有前景的使命工作的同时,Swisslog(瑞仕格)还为你提供个人发展的机会:我们开创了结合机器人和由数据支持的解决方案的时代,向客户回馈巨大的效益。 我们为我们的瑞士之根感到自豪,但是我们提供的机会面向全世界。对于我们所有的员工,我们并不期望完美,而是协作、承诺、清晰度和能力(我们的核心价值观)。作为回报,我们为你提供机会,成为这些解决方案背后的驱动力的一部分,也就是改变未来的机会。


关于 Swisslog(瑞仕格)

Swisslog(瑞仕格)打造内部物流的未来。作为 KUKA 集团的一员,我们致力于改变世界的最新技术。我们是由来自 50 个国家的 2,000 名专家组成的团队,拥有若干个世界上最大的和最激动人心的面向客户的品牌。我们正一起以智能的方式和新的视角推动内部物流行业的革命。我们通过灵活的结合机器人和由数据支持的自动化解决方案,推动供应链的发展和工业的进步。成为我们团队的一员,唤醒生活的创意!



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