Field Service Engineer - Bloomfield, MO


-Support Installation, Commissioning, and improving operation of material/ product automated distribution systems.

-Work with a team of FSEs, Help Desk, and other Functions to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with customer equipment and system operations.

-Execute emergency support calls as needed, if remote support not successful.

-Be Professional and Positive in Actions and Behavior.


  • Newport News, VA
    Newport News, VA, 美国
  • Installation / Maintenance / Repair
    Installation / Maintenance / Repair
  • Regular/ Permanent/ Full-time
    Regular/ Permanent/ Full-time


•Support, maintain, repair, and upgrade customer installed Automated Retrieval /Storage Systems.

•Perform Services required by assigned customer on periodic basis.

•Be shown a process and repeat it

•Maintain & Grow Competence in our industry and Swisslog products/ services.

•Responsible for executing telephone and on-site customer field support.

•Troubleshoot systems down to the component level.

•Complete Administrative Tasks in timely fashion once taught (Daily Site Reports, SAP, Ultipro)


  • 3-5 year experience in a technical service environment inclusive of technical and electrical troubleshooting, OR equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  • Demonstrated Leadership skills.
  • Experience in a fast-paced, demanding environment, with the ability to be flexible and adapt well to change


在你与我们一起为富有前景的使命工作的同时,Swisslog(瑞仕格)还为你提供个人发展的机会:我们开创了结合机器人和由数据支持的解决方案的时代,向客户回馈巨大的效益。 我们为我们的瑞士之根感到自豪,但是我们提供的机会面向全世界。对于我们所有的员工,我们并不期望完美,而是协作、承诺、清晰度和能力(我们的核心价值观)。作为回报,我们为你提供机会,成为这些解决方案背后的驱动力的一部分,也就是改变未来的机会。


关于 Swisslog(瑞仕格)

Swisslog(瑞仕格)打造内部物流的未来。作为 KUKA 集团的一员,我们致力于改变世界的最新技术。我们是由来自 50 个国家的 2,000 名专家组成的团队,拥有若干个世界上最大的和最激动人心的面向客户的品牌。我们正一起以智能的方式和新的视角推动内部物流行业的革命。我们通过灵活的结合机器人和由数据支持的自动化解决方案,推动供应链的发展和工业的进步。成为我们团队的一员,唤醒生活的创意!



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