ACPaQ: Fast and reliable automated mixed case palletizing

Do you need for your distribution center a palletizing solution that is fast, reliable and able to grow as you grow? ACPaQ is a robotic and data-driven solution for store-friendly mixed case palletizing.

ACPaQ mixed case palletizing grows as you grow

ACPaQ is universally applicable for fully automated order picking of mixed case pallets.

Store-friendly pallets are automatically built in distribution centers using the combination of proven Swisslog technology, such as the CycloneCarrier light goods shuttle system, conveyor systems and high performance de-palletizing and palletizing robots from KUKA.

It is configured using modules and scalable for small, mid-size and large distribution centers handling up to 500,000 cases per day.

Movie: Fast and efficient palletizing in automated distribution centers

The palletizing software allows you to customize the palletizing order to increase efficiency during in-store replenishment.

ACPaQ can be used in ambient temperature and chilled warehouse zones, and can handle almost all types of cartons, shrink wrapper or foiled packages, and pallet types used in retail & beverage industries.

  • Flexible

    The solution is designed to grow as your business grows.

  • Efficient

    Efficient process handling up to 1,000 units per hour per robot.

  • Reliable

    Reduces warehouse labor costs and picking failures compared to manual solutions.

Why is Swisslog’s ACPaQ solution so unique?

  • Efficient fully automated process. Each pallet is always built stable, correct and store-friendly, reducing your in-store costs at shelf refilling.
  • Robot palletizing increases throughput and improves the picking quality of your order pallet.
  • Unique grippers with four forks for gentle, simultaneous handling of multiple products, palletizing with high performance of up to 1,000 units per hour
  • Modular design is scalable for small, mid-size and large distribution centers. This allows growing business and companies to increase thoughput capacity and to handle peak demands efficiently.
  • Tray based solution allows you to handle a wide range of products and gives you flexibility for future changes in product packaging.
  • Full integration of storage system, components and Swisslog’s software SynQ ensures reliable and transparent operation.

Fully automated process improves performance

Swisslog ACPaQ automated mixed case palletizing for store ready retail pallets
High performance solution: de-palletizing, intermediate storage, sequenced transportation and robot palletizing
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