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COVID-19 Update: Recognizing our people on the front lines of critical supply chains

Special thanks to Swisslog colleagues supporting our customers during the global pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has shut down major aspects of society and forced residents in many areas to shelter-in-place. But while those who can are encouraged to stay home, critical supply chains must continue to function and Swisslog technology is a vital component in many supply chains. 

Supporting our customers' supply chains

Our people are working around the clock to support our customers as they push the limits of their supply chains to provide needed medical supplies, maintain the food supply and meet the demand for other important equipment and supplies.

They are working on site in our customers’ facilities running the automation systems our customers depend on, some in areas that have been hardest hit by COVID-19 virus. They are also helping our customers get new automation systems installed and operational so that food, medicine and other supplies can continue to flow. 

While they are supporting our customers, they are being supported by our global technical support team and supply chain.  

Maintaining our supply chain

Our manufacturing sites remain open to meet the demand for new automation systems also ensuring spare parts are available when needed. 

Our technology centers also continue to support our customers and local service specialists using augmented reality and other advanced technologies. This is especially crucial with transportation in many areas severely restricted. 

Globally, over 70% of our staff are engaged in mission-critical business and are working diligently through this time of crisis, to meet the demands of our customers and our communities.  

We are committed to maintaining safe environments for them and are proud to have them on our team.

Thank you to Pasquale Maiorano, just one of our many colleagues supporting critical supply chains during these difficult times. Based in Italy, Pasquale has been busy servicing Swisslog automation throughout the outbreak so that critical supply chains can keep running.

It’s not a time when we can let our customers down. Our country depends on their supply chains and their supply chains depend on our technology.

Swisslog Italy: Pasquale Maiorano

Special thanks to members of the Swisslog Middle East team, Praveen, Maskur and Isai, who are continuing to support our customers in the region. Their commitment and sense of responsibility makes us all proud. 

We’re all in this together and we all have to do our part. For some, that means staying home. For us, it means keeping our customers’ supplies chains going.

Swisslog Middle East team: Praveen, Maskur and Isai

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