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Estación de picking goods to person

Field proven standard software solutions for fast and cost effective realization

SynQ offers all the necessary intralogistics functionality that meets your specific business needs. Grow as your business grows with a standard and future-oriented software solution.

Modular and reliable software for your warehouse

In addition to the common functionality for warehousing and material flow control, the SynQ platform offers operational services specific to your business. These services consist of the delivery of pre-tested SynQ functionality to quicken delivery in a cost effective way and at low risks.

For retail and e-commerce environments, we provide specific order fulfillment functionality including picking, replenishment or returns handling. For the food and beverage industry, we offer proven receiving and picking processes for omni-channel distribution warehouses and batch/lot control. Of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, is SynQ’s ability to accurately track your products along the entire warehouse life cycle and beyond. 

The pallet director contains all functionalities needed in a high bay warehouse
  • Cost effective

    Standard software functionalities reduce the customization effort and therefore the costs of production.
  • Fast realization

    Our standard selection of pre-configured software functionalities can be deployed in a reasonable time period.
  • Industry Proven

    SynQ Directors contain the core functionalities you need in your business industry.

Directors allow rapid time-to-market at low risks and low costs

Together with essential collaboration platform components, the most common operational services required in your industry are bundled into so called Directors. They offer field-proven warehouse processes following industry best-practices. Directors are our way to rapid time-to-market at low risks and low costs for you:

CarryPick Director includes all automation services and functionalities for efficient storage and order picking with CarryPick.

Optional extension packages, e.g. for highly-efficient picking and decanting at our versatile goods-to-person workstations, can be added as needed in your warehouse. Therefore, you only pay for the modules you really require for your business.

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