Meet our CEO Dr. Christian Baur

Shaping the future of intralogistics is an ambitious goal. We have a vision to introduce a new era of flexible, data- and robotic-driven solutions. To realize this vision, we need clear direction and strong leadership. Get to know our CEO.

A passion for tech

After education, Dr. Christian Baur went on to hold senior positions at several companies, including top management consulting firms, such as Droege International Group and Alvarez & Marsal. In 2013, he joined KUKA AG, a global leader in robotics, as Head of Corporate Development and M&A.

As part of this role, he led the acquisition process of Swisslog in 2014, before taking over the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Swisslog Group in February 2015. He went on to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Swisslog Logistics Automation in August 2015. Passionate about data- and robotic-driven solutions, Chris is a dedicated and inspirational leader, who sets the standard for innovative thinking in digitized solutions.

Married with two children, Chris enjoys sailing in his free time. He often uses the analogy of a large sailing ship to describe business challenges – the crew must work together and quickly adapt to new conditions...

Leadership style

In times of advancing digitalization and globalization, ambidextrous leadership promotes both – agility and innovative strength. That means maintaining the company's strengths while also developing new products. The new things that you set up have to be managed differently than the existing business. Due to this approach, some of our systems have been in use for decades.

A strong vision for logistics

Christian Baur’s vision for Swisslog is to become the leading provider of data- and robotic-driven solutions. In other words, solutions that are based purely on data, which are as flexible and sustainable as possible and, most importantly, are developed as digital models. 
He predicts the worlds of software and hardware will come closer and closer together, creating new opportunities to meet ever-changing customer needs. 
Follow Dr. Christian E. Baur on LinkedIn to stay updated on the steps Swisslog is taking towards achieving this vision.

Dr Christian Baur: "The worlds of software and hardware will come closer and closer together"

Media opportunities

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