UniPick system used by a doctor in a hospital.

UniPick™ Drug Dispensing System

Accurate, fast and efficient, UniPick is an automated drug dispensing system that handles the dispensing process for outpatient medication. What that means for your pharmacy: fewer errors, increased staff productivity and pharmacists who spend more time counseling patients on their prescription. All medications are stored and dispensed in their original packaging.

UniPick is not sold in North America.

Complete prescriptions in less than 10 seconds.

When you can fill prescriptions faster, you reduce wait times and overcrowding at your outpatient pharmacy. UniPick 2 does the running behind the scenes – its vertical moving conveyor belt and robotic loading module simultaneously load and dispense medication accurately and efficiently. And with inventory tracking, you’ll maintain optimum inventory levels, even during peak hours.

Your advantages:

  • Simultaneously dispense different medications
  • Choose 4 columns (13,500 units) or 6 columns (19,000 units)
  • Manages both bottles and boxes
  • Six loading channels for fast loading
  • Laser scanning capabilities monitor inventory in real time
  • Barcode scanning increases loading accuracy

Are you turning your back on your patients?

With an automated pharmacy system, your pharmacists can spend more time counseling patients and less time gathering up prescriptions. High-speed dispensing can handle 12,000 boxes a day – which shifts a whole lot of time to more valuable activities.

Modular & customizable for optimal performance.

Thanks to a modern, modular design, the UniPick Drug Dispensing System lets you customize your system to your pharmacy’s needs.

System options:
  • SmartBaskets

    Baskets with RFID tags help pharmacists locate the right prescription for their patient.

  • SmartShelves

    Shelves with RFID readers light up when a patient's information is scanned for quick location.

  • Conveyor Systems

    Transport prescriptions from shelves to dispensing windows.

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