Swisslog Bullseye Tablet Splitter

Bullseye Tablet Splitter

The Bullseye Tablet Splitter splits medication tablets more accurately and consistently than by hand. Besides safer dosing and reduced pharmacist labor, this mechanical solution also means your medication costs and inventory needs can go down when you split more higher-dose tablets into lower doses for patient use.

The Bullseye Tablet Splitter is only available in North America.

Consistent, accurate splits. Every time.

Just scan a medication’s bar code, load the tablets and tell the system how many you need.

With a 99% accuracy (deviation from the intended dose of less than 5%), Bullseye eliminates the need to cut tablets by hand, an imprecise approach that adds an element of risk for patients dependent on accurate doses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe: Eliminates the hazards of manual cutting

  • Consistent: More precise than manual cutting

  • Precise: 99% accuracy with a less than 5% deviation for most pill types

  • Efficient: Cuts up to 16 tablets per minute

  • Cost-effective: Reduces medication costs by splitting higher-dose tables for lower-dose dispensing

Why split pills?

Pharmacies frequently split pills to provide a lower dose, or when the pills available provide a larger dose than required. But, not all drugs in tablet form are suitable for splitting – like those in capsule or controlled-release forms. Not to mention tablets that crumble easily or split unevenly because they are too round or too small, resulting in the loss of drug product. When it’s critical to manage the uniformity of the split to ensure proper patient dosing, automated pill splitting provides a safer, more precise option.

For more information on medications suitable for splitting, reference the FDA’s outline of best practices to follow when splitting tablets.

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