AutoCarousel® Semi-Automated Pharmacy Storage System

AutoCarousel is our current-generation, semi-automated medication storage and retrieval system for hospital pharmacies.

Transform Medication Inventory Management

AutoCarousel, together with AutoPharm® Enterprise Software, transform medication inventory management by reducing labor, drug waste, missing medications and picking mistakes. A cost-effective solution, AutoCarousel and AutoPharm work with existing wholesaler relationships and support current information system investments.

AutoCarousel is ideal for smaller, budget-conscious health systems using a centralized ADC-fill model relying on unit-dose medication packaging. 


Why Choose AutoCarousel to Automate Medication Storage and Retrieval?

Ensure medication safety Bar-code scanning ensures that medications and strengths are correct during both the carousel stocking and dispensing process.

Save time AutoCarousel, with AutoPharm Enterprise, saves time involved in ordering, receiving, stocking, picking and returning medications. Some 70 percent of health system users get back 20 percent of time formerly spent on medication inventory management. 

Improve medication control and tracking Our solution lets you comprehensively track and manage all stored items.

Save money Accurate tracking lets you reduce waste and inventory carrying costs. Tight inventory management promotes proper medication utilization and purchasing, leading to system-wide savings.

Streamline processes with other health tech investments AutoCarousel integrates with existing investments in EHRs, eMARs, wholesaler systems and other best-of-breed pharmacy automation systems. 


AutoCarousel has allowed us to reduce the space needed to manage our inventory by 40%, while decreasing the time it takes to respond to incoming orders. Along with AutoPharm Enterprise, we now have a comprehensive grasp of the management of our medication inventory.

Director of Pharmacy, 400+ bed acute care hospital

AutoCarousel Features and Benefits   

Barcode verification and pick-to-light orders Ensure accurate order filling, improving patient safety

Modular design and on-site assembly Allows placement in tight spaces, reclaiming valuable pharmacy space

Integrates with AutoPharm Enterprise Facilitates accurate, comprehensive order tracking and control

Password-protected access Adds security and traceability to order entry, improving chain of custody

Manual spinning Provides access to items in case of emergency

Pharmacist checking medication in AutoCarousel, a medication management technology
Pharmacist reviews a medication order with AutoCarousel
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