TranspoNet Integration Unit

TranspoNet™ Integration Units

The TranspoNet Integration Unit connects the PillPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System to your TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. PillPick phamacy automation produces patient-specific, unit-dose PickRings. TranspoNet PTS transports them. The Integration Unit connects the two – automatically loading PickRings into carriers – and completely eliminating human handling.

Creating seamless connection.

As an automated go-between with PillPick® and your TranspoNet PTS, the Integration Unit is an efficiency enabler. Automatic loading means fewer human touches, which means less room for errors – and the highest level of safety for patients

Load and send up to 180 carriers per hour.

The Integration Unit manages both routine medication delivery and on-demand requests, with a short delivery time from entering the order to the time those medications are available at their destination.

TranspoNet Integration Unit

Customer Story: St. Olavs Hospital, Norway

St. Olavs Hospital relies on efficient logistics to meet the future demands and challenges of the healthcare sector.

Find out how the TranspoNet pneumatic tube system, automated guided vehicles and the PillPick pharmacy automation system help St. Olavs Hospital to improve efficiency and patient care.

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