TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System prepared for use by a doctor

TranspoNet™ Carriers

Our TranspoNet Carriers come in three models to safely and reliably transport lab specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies and other materials. Solid and durable, each easy-open carrier guarantees secure and gentle transport, no matter what you send. Choose one type or send and receive them all.

TranspoNet and its related products and services are not available in North America.

Carrier Models:

TranspoNet Carriers feature Velcro® bands for durability and stability while in transit. All of our impact-resistant, break-proof carriers are designed with a transparent body.


This robust tube regular offers a long lifecycle and low replacement costs. It’s available in several diameters and lengths.

  • 110 mm, 160 mm


Lids are designed for automated loading and unloading – for example the TranspoNet OpenLog Station – helping to increase productivity and speed workflows along.

  • Designed for use with automated loading and unloading devices

  • For high-volume facilities

  • For 160 mm tube systems


Leak-proof carriers prevent accidental spills and the potential spread of pathogens from blood samples and other biohazards. They’re also easy to open.

  • Protects system from leaks

  • Ergonomic design with integrated handles

  • For 160 mm tube systems

TranspoNet Carriers

Optional Carrier Features:

These features can be added to any carrier model.

RFID tag

Integrate RFID technology to enable full traceability. Each carrier is already equipped with a slot for a transponder.

Loading dimensions

Customize the length of your carriers to take into account your unique transport requirements and the configuration of your pneumatic tube system.

Color caps

Easily ID carriers by department, material or sender and watch your workflow really flow.

Protective materials

Keep contents safe and prevent breakage with specially engineered protective materials like foil pockets (to keep documents dry and wrinkle-free) that contain and stabilize carrier contents.

Lock systems

Restrict access to a carrier’s contents and stay compliant with relevant safety and security requirements. 

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