CleanStream Linen and Waste Management System

CleanStream Systems safely contain and rapidly transport solid waste materials through a totally sealed pipe network to a central collection area within seconds. Materials can be transported vertically or horizontally to more than a mile away at 82 feet per second – 37 times faster than manual transport. Install up to six separate pipes (waste streams) to handle waste, recycling and soiled laundry removal.

CleanStream is only available in North America.

Faster and safer than manual trash transport.

When it comes to hospital waste management, the less you have to touch it, the better. For large hospitals, there are significant long-term labor costs associated with the collection, transport and removal of soiled linen, trash and recyclables. Traditionally, these tasks have been extremely labor-intensive and inefficient, exposing employees to contaminants and potential injury.

The CleanStream® Automated Linen and Waste Removal System simply deposits bags of trash or soiled linens into sealed tubes and lets air power whisk it all away to the collection area.

What if you could just dump it and forget about it?

With CleanStream, you really can. Today’s forward-thinking hospitals are turning to automated waste handling solutions for soiled laundry removal and waste transport to improve the process of hospital waste management, and CleanStream delivers superior reliability and performance advantages.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automated system reduces long-term labor costs

  • Totally sealed system minimizes the potential for infection transmission

  • Independent load stations maximize system availability

  • Expansive, high-throughput load chutes reduce buildup of linen and trash bags

  • Auto-sterilizing chutes create a sanitary, odorless system

  • Minimal upkeep requirements mean unmatched uptime with minimal service

This team worked tirelessly to ensure we were done properly and on schedule. Their expertise in these systems is unsurpassed and the proof of this is in the fact that since we have been back online (circa 4.5 years now) we have not had one system shutdown due to any system failure or malfunction. The [CleanStream] system has worked like a clock.

Jim Cullen, Director of Engineering Services, Lenoir Memorial Hospital
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