InSite Ensures Inmates Receive the Correct Medications in Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Automated packaging and dispensing is transforming medication management for Correctional Facilities—providing down-to-the-dose accountability to reduce waste and improve patient safety.

Why Automate Medication Packaging and Dispensing?

Pharmacy staff at Correctional Facilities face numerous challenges when managing, preparing and administering medications. Balancing the legal rights of inmates while adhering to regulatory requirements and mitigating the impact of rising drug costs is driving these facilities to seek alternatives to traditional medication management models.

By adopting in-facility medication packaging and dispensing, Correctional Facilities are experiencing:

Accuracy – Eliminates unlabeled doses to minimize the risk of medication errors
Efficiency –Dramatically reduces the time to prepare for a med pass by packaging up to 60 doses per minute in configurable, patient-specific pouches
Responsiveness – Provides real time location information through a direct interface to the inmate tracking system, so staff can easily suspend a patient’s medication while they are off-site, in transit or at court
Convenience – Easily dispenses “keep on person” or “self-carry” medications to keep nursing and pharmacy focused on managing high value drugs and caring for inmates
Security – Restricts access to stored medications with password-protection and locking metal doors

How On Demand Packaging Minimizes Medication Waste

Wasted medications cost corrections facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Due to the transient nature of incarceration, such as inmates being transferred to other facilities, paroled or released, many prescriptions go unused. With traditional 30-day blister cards, the inmate’s remaining medications must be destroyed to ensure regulatory compliance.

Today, forward-thinking facilities are taking back control of their pharmacy inventory by packaging and dispensing medications on demand. The automated system tracks a patient's current location based on the latest data  even if they are off-site or at court. That means only the medications needed for a specific med pass are dispensed.

Our solution for Correctional Facilities

InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System

It’s very difficult to hire nurses, and it’s very difficult to keep them on when I’m expecting them to pass medications to 300 patients over miles of walking and delivery of pharmaceuticals. Previously it took 4 nurses in this one facility alone 3 hours each to set up their medications and then to go pass their medications. Now with the medication packager we can deliver it for my entire facility in less than 30 mins.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

InSite ensures inmates receive the correct medications in Correctional Facilities

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