Doctors and nurses in a hospital

Care Settings

Automation makes an impact wherever you care for patients.

Automated solutions are at the core of progressive hospitals, healthcare organizations and pharmacies – helping workflows hum, improving logistics and reducing costs.

No matter the setting, automation directly and positively enhances the patient experience you’re committed to providing. Wherever you work, we have solutions for your day-to-day challenges.

Improve you workflows, enhance clinical quality and empower your pharmacy operations to advance patient-centered care.

We design, develop, and deliver automated material transport, medication management and supply chain management systems.

Each of our comprehensive solutions is held to the highest quality standards, and can be incorporated into new or existing hospital environments and pharmacy models (inpatient, outpatient and retail) across a variety of care settings, including:

Automation is an opportunity for pharmacies to relocate in organizing the hospital, allowing staff (pharmacy assistants) to focus on valuable tasks.

Etienne Cousein, PharmD MSc, Chief Pharmacist, Hospital of Valenciennes, France

Thanks to the introduction of automation, quality of work for all the operators is definitely improved. The transport scheduling allows us to better plan workflows and the timing of operations.

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