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Experience Swisslog's innovative technology operating in real-time during our live virtual demonstrations April 12-16

Swisslog at ProMatDX. The highlights:

  • Live Virtual Experience: AutoStore, CarryPick and ItemPiQ demonstrate micro-fulfillment in action
  • Expert educational presentations and product demos focused on traditional warehousing and pallet-handling needs
  • SynQ Software: Orchestrating automaton and delivering transparency across the operation

This is How We Do It: Micro-Fulfillment Demo

Have you always wondered what an automated micro-fulfillment center looks like in action? Swisslog’s new live, virtual experience during ProMatDX will give you the opportunity to watch innovative automation technology operate in real time as you watch your custom gift order being picked by our robotic applications. 

The virtual experience demonstrates how an automated micro-fulfillment center works to fulfill an e-commerce order. It is designed to help companies make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and integrating new automation technology and software. 

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From the traditional high bay warehouse to innovative robot-based material handling solutions, Swisslog offers you a wide range of traditional and out of the box technologies for automated warehousing that provide quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Presentations by Swisslog Experts

Micro-fulfillment for Macro Results

Monday April 12, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM CDT

Presented by: Colman Roche, VP Sales and Consulting, Retail / E-Commerce

Rapid adoption of e-commerce in the past 12 months has exposed two realities about the retail industry. Retailers quickly rose to meet surging demand for e-commerce, but doing so led to new fulfillment challenges and profit pressures.

As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers understand there is a role for automation to play, but what exactly that looks like is unknown. To help bring clarity to retailers' digital future, Swisslog’s VP of Sales and Consulting, E-Commerce / Retail, Colman Roche will give insight on the following:

  • What’s working now — best practices from market leaders

  • Promising technologies to improve order fulfillment processes

  • The role of automation in next generation supply chains


While the future is never certain, most expectations point to continued growth of e-commerce. In fact, the future is now and the time is right to accelerate innovation with automated fulfillment solutions.

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ASRS of MHI Presents: How to Calculate ASRS ROI - Key Metrics That Often Get Overlooked

Wednesday, April 14, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM CDT

Presented by Mohan Ramankutty, Senior Director of Sales and Consulting

Many organizations struggle to develop accurate and meaningful Return on Investment calculations for their ASRS investments. This education seminar on “How to calculate AS/RS ROI: Key metrics that often get overlooked” will help you understand the key metrics that should be included. A typical economic justification model compares a conventional, non-automated solution to an ASRS, and determines the ROI on the differential cost of these investments. Building an ROI model with all the pertinent factors that addresses the needs of your audience will make the justification of the ASRS investment easier. The seminar will look at how to include direct and indirect expenses, along with using sensitivity analysis to understand how different factors can affect the results of the ROI. Is your company faced with attempting to calculate ASRS ROI? We will use case studies and real examples to tackle the topic of building an accurate ROI model by addressing the following key points:

  • Defining what aspects to include in your ROI

  • Comparing conventional fulfillment systems with implementation of an ASRS solution

  • Including direct and indirect expenses to achieve an accurate ROI model to help justify investments in automation

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