Sulser, Switzerland: State-of-the-art logistics platform

Sulser Logistics Solutions AG, is a subsidiary of the Sulser Group based near Zurich. Sulser, a logistics service provider, realized that keeping pace with customer requirements meant they had to be more flexible and better able to respond quickly to changes in the market. Careful consideration led to the decision to modify and expand the existing logistics center near Brunegg and to modernize its high-bay warehouse from the ground up. Swisslog was contracted as the concept, implementation and service partner for the project.

State-of-the-art logistics platform

The state-of-the-art logistics platform provides Sulser with the following benefits:

  • Modular system, easy to install in existing or new warehouse; expandable at any time
  • Short routes and fast throughput times
  • High system availablity
  • Technical reliability
  • High pick performance and efficiency
  • High flexibility for handling different pallets
Warehouse modernization at Sulser Logistics Solutions, Switzerland.
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