TwinTec Pharmacy Stock Automation and Dispensing System

TwinTec is an adaptable pharmacy automation solution that specializes in the high-speed storage and retrieval of medications in smaller pharmacy environments – unloading up to 1500 boxes an hour. Designed to save time and space while increasing safety, this smart technology helps you prioritize face time with your patients.

TwinTec is only available in Italy, France, Kazakhstan and Australia.

A pharmacy in motion.

Whether you’re picking just one product or several at a time, a moving conveyor belt raises and lowers to meet medications where they’re stored, protecting even fragile packaging.

Simply scan medications for storage, load them and the system will alert you when stock is low. When you’re ready to reload, an LED light will guide you to the drawer that needs refilling.

Your advantages:

  • Rapid: Loading average = 900 boxes an hour; unloading average = 1500 boxes.

  • Expandable: Add on storage (up to a max of 4,760 boxes) and features as you grow.

  • Configurable: Modules can be installed inline, parallel or in an “L” shape to fit your space and needs.

  • Ergonomic: A mobile loading device assists with loading to ensure operator efficiency.

  • Integrated: Can be configured with a pneumatic tube system.

How would you use an extra minute per patient?

Thanks to rapid storage and retrieval, our customers find they gain an average of 1.5 minutes extra to spend with each patient. They’re also saving space, keeping less stock on hand (thanks to real-time inventory updates) and reporting more fulfilled pharmacists who finally have the time to do more of what they were trained for.

Build the automated pharmacy system that meets your needs:

  • Slides

    Personalize the color and position of slides to suit your system.

  • Lifts

    Move medications vertically with the elevator action of our lifts.

  • Chutes

    Chutes drop selections onto a moving belt to get medications where you need them.

TwinTec also integrates with pneumatic tube systems for rapid, longer-distance delivery.

TwinTec system designed for high-speed storage and retrieval of medication.

Through automation, we’ve found more time to manage patients and do our job counseling, guiding, and monitoring adherence and prevention. In 2011, we installed our TwinTec system, to which we added an EvoTec in 2014. These now automate 99% of our stock.

Pharmacist, Grenoble France Retail Pharmacy
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