EvoTec Pharmacy Automation Robot

EvoTec is a fully automated medication management solution for inpatient and retail pharmacies designed for high-density storage and retrieval of medications. It optimizes available space, precisely loads medications, stores them safely and makes vital information available in real time, reducing waste. And in an attractive new design, it not only upgrades your efficiency, but your pharmacy's look, too.

EvoTec is available only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Smart stock management.

The EvoTec System optimizes storage with artificial intelligence algorithms for smart loading and unloading.

Simply drop in boxes and let the pharmacy robot sort, catalog and load them onto shelves according to specific criteria – maximizing space and allowing you to load several boxes at once.

Through reducing manual warehousing tasks and automating the details, you’ll find you have so much more time to focus on your patients.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible: Handles both multi-product, multi-box or mono-product, multi-box loading.

  • Self-learning: Auto-adjusts shelves and storage placements based on purchase patterns.

  • High-density storage: Stores 5,000 to nearly 42,000 boxes depending on the unit size.

  • Easy adoption: A touchscreen interface creates a simple user experience.

  • Expandable and scalable: Add on storage and features as you grow.

  • Integrated: Can be configured with a pneumatic tube system.

How much time do you waste managing your inventory?

Thanks to smart storage and retrieval, our customers find they gain significant time to spend with patients. They’re also seeing space savings of 20-25% compared to traditional systems. And by reducing their stock investment (thanks to real-time inventory updates), they report measurable savings – and that’s just in the first year of use.


Load, sort, send… and deliver.

Build the automated pharmacy system that meets your needs:

  • Slides

    Personalize the color and position of slides to suit your system.

  • Lifts

    Move medications vertically with the elevator action of our lifts.

  • Chutes

    Chutes drop selections onto a moving belt to get medications where you need them.

EvoTec integrates with pneumatic tube systems for rapid, longer-distance delivery.

E-Load for EvoTec

The E-Load unit is a key component of EvoTec. Small pharmacies may choose to launch their EvoTec alone, and then add on the loading unit as they grow, while most larger operations find it indispensible from the start.

What it does:

  • Prevents the loading of incorrect items with its cross-checking of box dimensions and bar codes.

  • Automatically ticks off products from bills and updates stock levels in pharmacy inventory systems.

  • Frees up staff time and improves efficiency and accuracy.

  • Communicates with ERP, HIS and enterprise pharmacy software.

Pack it in.

As a “thinking system,” EvoTec constantly evaluates and rearranges stock for the smoothest workflow and storage capacity, choosing product locations based on your sales records.

With its double picking crane technology, you can achieve a multi-picking function with arms that can move autonomously or in unison for the greatest efficiency.

A battery backup and backup external hard drive ensure ongoing reliability no matter what.

We’ve seen many benefits with our automated pharmacy: much less fatigue for staff, more rewarding and “intelligent” work as we could focus on our relationship with loyal patients, our team can focus on growing their skills, serving more clients, saving time... All of this allowed us to absorb a significant increase in business over three years without an increase in staff.

Retail pharmacist, Grenoble, France
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