DreamTec Pharmacy Stock Automation and Dispensing System

Behold the beauty of smart storage and retrieval. DreamTec is a pharmacy automation robot that loads, stores and unloads medications – simultaneously. This outstanding hybrid solution delivers the benefits of both speedy dispensing and intelligent optimization of space thanks to its advanced, self-learning software, which can calculate product demand. And in a sleek design, it’s ready to upgrade your pharmacy's look, too.

DreamTec is only available in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Hybrid technology for a best-in-class solution.

High-density storage meets rapid loading and unloading.

More than an automation system, DreamTec essentially operates as a logistics assistant. Through self-learning software, the system smartly stores products on either high- or low-rotation shelves to prioritize storage space (low-rotation items) or dispensing speed (high-rotation items) – a distinctive feature that goes above and beyond other automation solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Hybrid: Combines storage density with a high throughput.

  • Fully automated: Once products are loaded, the system sorts, documents and sends them to storage.

  • Efficient: Simultaneously loads and dispenses boxes.

  • High-performance: Fast dispensing speeds, even during peak hours.

  • Expandable: Add-on features increase capacity.

  • Integrated: Compatible with pneumatic tube transport systems.

Is your pharmacy maxed out?

Automation is a smart solution to the growing demands of busy retail or outpatient pharmacies.

Not only do robotic technologies increase workflow efficiencies, but they save you money – up to an average of €66,000 in just the first year. Plus, with more time, you’ll be able to serve more customers.

Our pharmacy solutions double down on safety, too: Medications are always stored safely inside the machine and vital information (expiration date, location, stock levels) can be accessed in real time.

Add-ons and extras

Build the automated pharmacy system that meets your needs.

  • AirTec Pneumatic Tube System

    Simple, point-to-point system complements DreamTec with automated transport.

  • Explorer & Extender

    Fully automated belt loader (Explorer) and its extension module (Extender) increase the capacity of the automatic loader by four times, so you can load more boxes at once.

  • TransferTec

    A software-directed conveyor belt that accelerates delivery time, managing high-rotation products and refilling their drawers as soon as they run empty.

For longer-distance deliveries, DreamTec can be integrated with pneumatic tube systems.

We’ve seen many benefits with our automated pharmacy: Much less fatigue for staff, more rewarding and “intelligent” work as we could focus on our relationship with loyal patients, our team can focus on growing their skills, serving more clients, saving time... All of this allowed us to absorb a significant increase in business over three years without an increase in staff.

Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacy, Grenoble, France

We added a DreamTec in November 2016 because we needed more capacity. I have 6 cabinets today with both high rotations and low rotations for a total capacity of 20,000 boxes and a daily rotation of 1,000 boxes. With 100% automation, it saves us time, gives comfort, and helps with traceability. Today, I cannot imagine my work without robots! My employees are much happier – they can work smarter and find it more enjoyable.

Martine Azemar, Pharmacie d’Olivier, Clermont-l’Hérault
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