TranspoNet™ Pneumatic Tube System

TranspoNet is a pneumatic tube transport system from the world leader in hospital logistics. The external-mount design can be installed into virtually any architecture, making efficiency gains achievable and freeing up nursing staff to spend more time doing what you actually hired them for: spending quality time with patients who are trusting their health to your care.

This product is currently not available in the USA.

Achieve interdepartmental transport.

Hospitals, labs and other departments can be spread out across a web of corridors or even across multiple buildings on a campus. Pneumatic tube systems guarantee fast, spontaneous and safe transport for every delivery, no matter how far – and with greater accuracy to boot.

TranspoNet zips pharmaceuticals, blood and specimens, documents, surgical equipment, and other medical products up and down and all around at up to 8 m/sec (18 mph or 30 km/h). Or, set sensitive items gliding at a slower pace.

Your advantages:

  • External-mount design can be retrofitted into existing buildings
  • Intelligent software optimizes operation
  • RFID transponder technology allows real-time information access
  • Access locks add security
  • Station types can be customized to create the perfect solution for your needs
  • Designed for easy integration with PillPick® Systems

A positive ROI in three years or less.

If your staff is spending time walking medications, lab samples and paperwork around your facility, it's probably time to consider an automated solution.

24/7 transport gets goods to their destination smoothly, efficiently, reliably and faster than staff can deliver on foot. An external-mount pneumatic tube system, TranspoNet is the efficient solution for automatic material movement around healthcare facilities.

PTS systems go above and beyond getting items to their destinations more quickly and securely, freeing up personnel to spend more time with patients, raising your facility’s level of care. As a result, efficiency gains are realized quickly and staff are eager to adopt the new system.

It goes without saying that we analyzed cost effectiveness before installing the pneumatic tube system. And thanks to the system, we are now clearly operating in a more cost-effective manner.

Dr. Matthias Geiser, Director, Pharmacy Services, Schwarzwald-Baar Clinic

Adaptable to every architectural challenge.

Our clients can’t imagine going back to life before their new tube systems. We’ve installed more than 3,000 pneumatic tube systems in hospitals worldwide, custom-designing each solution to the facility’s needs.

Build the pneumatic tube system that meets your needs:

  • TranspoNet Station Options

    Where the dispatch and receipt of materials happens. Auto-send and auto-unload features can be added on.

    Learn more.
  • TranspoNet Carrier Options

    Solid, durable, easy-open carriers safely transport a wide range of materials. Three different models with options available.

    Learn more.
  • TranspoNet PowerLine

    A separate, high-capacity line that can transport multiple carriers over long distances.

    Learn more.
  • TranspoNet Integration Unit

    Connects with our PillPick Systems for the highest level of safety for patients.

    Learn more.
  • Automated Carrier Tracking and Delivery Verification

    Get real-time tracking through dispatch, arrival and interchange points.

    Learn more.

Additional features:

  • RFID technology for real-time tracking and tracing of materials in transit.
  • Access codes or biometric ID ensure authorized use.
  • Intelligent software modules support optimization and are scalable.
TranspoNet carrying laboratory samples through the pneumatic tube transport system.

I am grateful that we now have more time for meaningful tasks, such as caring for our patients. After seeing how fast and easy it is, I wouldn't want to work in a hospital without a pneumatic tube system ever again.

Dominique Müller, Pediatric Nurse, Schwarzwald-Baar Clinic

Before, nursing staff would have to physically bring the samples to us, spending long periods of time walking around the hospital. Now the samples get to the laboratory faster – we now have maximum delivery times of between two and three minutes. As a result, not only can we work with the samples faster, but the results are now also available more quickly.

Petra Saile, Laboratory Director, Schwarzwald-Baar Clinic
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