Relay Autonomous Service Robot

Relay is the first autonomous service robot designed to work around people in busy hospitals. As it navigates hallways and elevators around the clock with medications, lab samples and other critical items, it boosts efficiency and throughput without breaking a sweat. This healthcare robot handles deliveries quickly, safely and reliably, increasing productivity while improving the staff experience and patient outcomes.

Eliminate the need for manual transport

Sending staff back and forth through hospital corridors is not only inefficient, but unsafe – potential staff accidents aside, there’s the danger of losing or misplacing critical patient information if staff are pulled off in a different direction.

Forward-thinking hospitals are employing efficient and responsive systems for healthcare delivery to reduce costs and inefficiencies. Putting mobile healthcare robots to work can reduce wait times, motion demands on staff and inefficient workflows, while relieving overburdened personnel of the need to navigate hallways when they could be focusing on face-to-face patient care.

Delivering efficiency: An ideal lean workflow companion

The Relay Autonomous Service Robot is easily to roll out, requiring only your existing wireless network and utilizing a web-based interface for control. Thanks to state-of-the-art robotics (laser navigation, machine vision, wireless communications and optimized routing), these versatile go-getters integrate with door openers and communication systems to breeze through busy hallways and elevators.


Your advantages:

  • Safe – Advanced sensor technology steers clear of people and obstacles.

  • Secure – An optional locking payload bay requires authorization to access sensitive items.

  • Reliable & efficient – Robots deliver predictable transport times and can’t be distracted, reducing turnaround times by 50-90%.

  • Flexible – Open payload compartment transports a range of items.

  • User-friendly – Programmable alerts (lights, audio, wireless arrival indicators) and simple interfaces are designed to work with humans.

  • Unobtrusive – Relay boasts the smallest footprint among automated transport options.

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