Specimen Transport

When patients are waiting for diagnosis and every second counts, you need to move fast. Our automated transport solutions ensure quick and reliable transport, improving operational efficiency and reducing wait times.

Efficiency, safety and sample integrity are critical in laboratory transport – but with humans involved in the process, delay or damage is inevitable. Blood samples and other specimens require tight turnarounds for timely care, and when there are delays at the lab level due to unavailable couriers, patients suffer.

Automated solutions keep specimens moving:

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Send samples to the lab or deliver transfusions to patients faster than walking, and with more chain-of-custody control. North America only.

TranspoNet™ Pneumatic Tube System

Air-powered transport that’s faster and more trackable than human delivery. Let your staff focus on patient care. Not available in North America.

Relay Autonomous Service Robot

Immediately available autonomous transport for heavier payloads than pneumatic tube systems, with no building modifications needed.

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