Waste Management

Infectious waste. Sharps waste. Pathological waste. Hospital waste transport and waste handling is a time-consuming, hazardous process, exposing staff to contact with medical and biohazardous waste – not to mention potential injury to people or buildings. You need to ensure regular, safe disposal of waste to help your hospital maintain a clean environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Robotic transport of trash in hospitals reduces human contact and facility damage caused by manual cart movement. Along with significant safety benefits, automated trash transport expedites and standardizes workflows – creating a cleaner, safer and more efficient environment for all.

Our automated trash transport and waste handling systems manage on-demand and scheduled pickup and delivery of trash carts to:

  • Eliminate human contact

  • Reduce facility damage

  • Expedite waste transport

  • Standardize workflows

  • Maintain a cleaner environment

  • Create a safer hospital for patients and staff 

Our services and solutions for hospital waste management:

CleanStream® Automated Linen and Waste Removal System

Safely contain and rapidly transport solid waste materials through a totally sealed pipe network to a central collection area within seconds. We’re proud to partner with MEMIOS as the exclusive provider of CleanStream Systems to healthcare facilities in North America.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

Self-guided vehicles take over the delivery of materials, including trash removal, so staff can focus on patient-care activities, improving the quality of care and reducing operational costs. 

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