Linen Transport

Soiled linens are a significant source of contamination that can be spread by touch or by air. With increasing demand for improved infection control, cleanliness and aesthetics, the simultaneous reduction in resources creates the need for a sustainable solution.

When soiled linens are moved around your healthcare facility via the same hallways and elevators patients and other staff frequent, contamination is easily spread. And when cutbacks mean fewer staff to manage hospital laundry service, dirty sheets, towels and pillows tend to pile up (to the tune of 2.6 million tons per bed, per year), cluttering spaces, impacting the environment and resulting in backups for patient care.

So, automating hospital laundry service is a big, sustainable step in the direction of improving infection control and cleanliness. When you improve the flow and reliability of handling among laundry, supply and patient care areas, you can positively impact the patient experience by ensuring supplies are available when and where they are needed.

Benefits of automated linen transport:

  • Lowers operating costs

  • Standardizes delivery quality and timing

  • Allows facilities management to track delivery volume and timing for process improvement

  • Minimizes damage to facilities and employees from manual cart movement

  • Supports infection control activities and clean environments

  • Increases productivity

Our services and solutions for linen transport:

CleanStream® Automated Linen and Waste Removal System

Safely contain and rapidly transport soiled linens through a totally sealed pipe network to a central collection area within seconds. Up to eight high-throughput pipes can be installed to manage waste streams.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

Self-guided vehicles can move large quantities of clean and soiled linens so staff can focus on patient-care activities, improving the quality of care and reducing operational costs.

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