Material Movement

For large facilities, non-adjacent departments or disconnected buildings, the moving of supplies and materials can incur hidden costs due to human error and staff time back-and-forth. Consolidated service center solutions combine supply chain management, warehouse management and automated material transport to deliver greater efficiency across the entire med-surg supply chain.

Lean and mean med-surg supply. 

When it comes to medical and surgical supplies, you need to get the right things to the right place at the very right time. Breakdowns in the process can mean costly surgery rescheduling, time lost due to mistaken transport or bottlenecks while waiting for delayed items – creating a dangerous scenario for patients in or awaiting surgery. For sterilized items (or items awaiting sterilization), reducing variables is critical to both patient and staff safety.

Where human-powered transport and traditional storage can be unpredictable and prone to mistakes that compromise critical patient and staff safety, automated transport and warehouse management offer standardization and improved workflows.

Stop hiring staff to walk and wait around.

Delays. Mistakes. Building damage. Contamination.

If you’re relying on human-powered transport, you’re probably all too well acquainted with these pain points.

With automation, you can securely pick and transport supplies without allocating man hours to the task - an investment that quickly earns its keep.

Process improvements through automated material transport or warehouse management can mean: 

  • Substantial operational efficiency gains

  • Standardized processes

  • Improved workflows

  • Improved turnaround

White Paper

The Cost of Doing Nothing: Evaluating Modernization for Hospital Warehouses

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Modernizing a hospital distribution center requires significant investment, so many health systems choose to postpone or avoid expansion of warehouse capabilities. This white paper is a guide for scrutinizing the real, and often hidden, expenses and opportunity costs of maintaining the status quo.

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