E-grocery fulfillment: Reliable, scalable automation that improves speed and efficiency

As e-grocery sales increase, grocers need a strategic approach that supports same-day home delivery and curbside pickup. The right automation technology can provide this support and deliver needed productivity and speed. With Swisslog, grocers have a range of automation solutions to choose from to fit their e-fulfillment strategy. 

Flexible, data-driven, robotic automation

Swisslog automated warehouse solutions can help move your e-grocery fulfillment beyond manual picking. 

Whether it’s a hub-and-spoke arrangement, a bolt-on store automation approach, micro-fulfillment centers or a fully automated grocery store, Swisslog has the expertise, as well as the automation technology and software to support your e-grocery fulfillment strategy. 

Our flexible, data-driven and robotic solutions enable grocers to meet rapidly changing customer demands while allowing them to leverage new technologies as they emerge.

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The E-Grocery Dilemma: What is the right approach?

Swisslog vice president of retail and e-commerce sales, Colman Roche, discusses the challenges grocers face as they evaluate their options for dealing with the rapid growth in e-grocery sales. How long can grocers continue to satisfy demand with in-store manual picking without creating congestion and threatening profitability and what are their alternatives?

Your guide to e-grocery fulfillment

Our new e-book, “A Shopper’s Guide to E-Grocery Fulfillment,” takes a look at the different strategies being used to introduce automation. It also examines the e-grocery automation technologies available to help you understand which system might be right for your operations.

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Navigating the "Unknown World" of Online Grocery Insider Q & A

Mitch Hayes, vice president of e-commerce and retail at Swisslog, sat down with leading industry publication, Modern Materials Handling, to discuss key trends taking place in the grocery segment. In this informative Q&A, Hayes explains how technology can help grocers navigate these shifts as efficiently and profitably as possible as they deal with the rapid growth in e-grocery sales.
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