Planning and Design

Designing the right material transport system for your hospital is critical to process improvements and that positive ROI you’re looking for. Our team of experienced material transport experts will work closely with your hospital planners and architects to analyze, plan and design a system that installs smoothly, delivers quickly and safely and supports cost-efficient patient care.

A better system for better care.

Our team will work with your general contractors and planners, facility managers, designers and architects to develop a system that ultimately delivers on your promise of an outstanding patient experience.

Building or upgrading a system that meets your facility’s unique needs can be approached from several different angles. Have a look at our services, then reach out to our team at any time to talk about the right fit for you. We’ll have you on the path toward process improvement in no time.

Your options. Our services:

Material Transport Survey

A good first step, we’ll analyze your workflow and transport needs so we can all start on the same page.

Preliminary Needs Analysis

We’ll talk you through our interpretation of your survey results and recommend next steps based on the ROI you’re hoping to achieve.

System Design Analysis

In this core service, we evaluate the performance of your current or proposed pneumatic tube system and identify ways we can improve material transport in your facility. We usually find ways to optimize design and workflow for process improvement during peak activity.

Comprehensive Material Transport Survey

Analyzes your hospital’s current material transport methods and then uses those findings for project planning and budgeting.


Our team will review current challenges, department situations, infrastructure planning and future material transport solutions, then start applying the math and measurements.

Flow Analysis

For systems already up and running, we’ll get in there and see how to achieve optimization and elevate performance… and save your budget.

A closer look at System Design Analysis (SDA)

We’ve yet to meet a competitor who can analyze existing traffic from any pneumatic tube system like us. And for new hospitals or expansions, our decades of knowledge mean we can uniquely design systems from scratch, too. Our SDA group will work with your facility departments and architects to determine the feasibility of installing a PTS, identifying department station locations and utilizing our vast database and knowledge to predict the optimum system design for your facility. After an SDA, typical system capacity improves 10-15%, yielding payback in just a few months.

>> Learn more about System Design Analysis 

With proper system planning and design, we can improve information access and management to provide richer patient experiences that provide real results in the form of greater patient satisfaction and better outcomes.

Cory Kwarta, Senior Vice President of Operations, Swisslog Healthcare, North America

Are planning and design services just for pneumatic tube systems (PTS)?

Not at all!

While we’ve mostly focused these consulting services on PTS transport, our planning and design process can be applied to most of our system offerings.

If you have a specific question, we’d love to answer it for you.

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Your partner for a safer, more efficient hospital.

Ever since that first hospital automation system we installed more than 60 years ago, we’ve been helping providers improve material transport and medication management through well-designed automation. We leverage a comprehensive understanding of hospital environments and combine that with our experience in material transport and pharmacy automation for products that, simply, deliver.

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