Warehouse Manager

At the heart of every consolidated service center is an intuitive software system that orchestrates material movement. Our proven Warehouse Manager software enables connectivity throughout health systems – from pharmacy inventory management to complete chain-of-custody. Warehouse Manager is actively managing the workflows of 275+ distribution centers worldwide, including complex retail, ecommerce and pharmaceutical supply chains.

Optimize your warehouse operations.

With multi-site distribution and supply inventory control, our Warehouse Manager software is well-equipped to handle the complexity of healthcare supply chains.

And as your healthcare network grows, Warehouse Manager expands right alongside, supporting the addition of new care sites or deploying additional modules to meet new needs.

How Warehouse Manager works

The Warehouse Manager software syncs with your automation solution and can be accessed from anywhere to manage inventory, material movement and to give real-time insights into the overall business.

What if you could synchronize your automation processes and people?

Warehouse Manager puts all that and more together for you. (We like the word “orchestrate” – it’s that graceful). Everything you need to know about inventory, automation control systems and the flow of materials throughout your healthcare system can be accessed via a single, user-friendly interface. And, the software zooms out even further to provide an array of business intelligence tools that help optimize your inventory levels and overall efficiency.

Your advantages:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Modular (deploy only the functionalities you need)

  • Optional plug-ins

  • Highly configurable as you expand

  • Delivers business insights, too

Part of your consolidated service center package.

Our consolidated service center solutions rely on Warehouse Manager software to go above and beyond simply getting the job done.

Multi-site functionality for other locations in your healthcare system can be added easily.

We’ve earned our competitive edge through a complete spectrum of services and solutions that spans warehousing to point-of-care, giving us an all-angles perspective to build what you need, better.

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