TheraPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

The TheraPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System portions blistered medications into Blister Unit Doses (BUD), and other medication forms into Unit-Dose (UD) bags. A new solution for the automated packaging, storage and dispensing of unit-dose medications, it’s designed to optimize the flow of medication and handling by nursing staff at point of care, ultimately increasing patient safety. Highly modular and configurable, the system is scalable to meet the present and future needs of your healthcare facility.

TheraPick is not available in North America.

Automated storage and dispensing in a single unit.

Combining automated storage and dispensing processes for blister-packaged medications and other formats, TheraPick is the most advanced solution on the market. Its unique BUD packaging format preserves a medication’s primary packaging to ensure its integrity and expiration date, increasing ease of administration for nursing staff – and safety for patients.

When the system receives a prescription, TheraPick automatically dispenses the right medication, bundling bags with a plastic ring and a patient label, ready to be safely administered.

Any medications that don’t get administered can be easily returned to TheraPick where inventory is updated in real time.


  • Versatile: Can handle 95% of blister types on the market.

  • Efficient: Packages up to 800 BUDs or 1,000 UDs per hour, with the option to add on modules to meet performance needs.

  • Traceable: Cases are equipped with RFID for secure and traceable transport.

  • Intelligent: High-rotation items are automatically placed closest to dispensing areas, dispensing the nearest expiration dates first.

  • Greater capacity: +30% capacity compared to competitors, storing an average 4,000 UDs per square meter.

  • Flexible: Packaging and dispensing modules can be added to either side.

Are your caregivers making mistakes?

When caregivers are under pressure, it’s easier for them to make errors, whether at the point of administration or back in the pharmacy. And when patients get the wrong treatment, your hospital incurs not only the cost of a longer stay, but additional treatment and even settlement claims.

With BUDs, you can improve your nursing staff’s experience and enhance safety and accuracy with labelled, traceable blister packs that enable “one-gesture” administration to the patient.

After the introduction of Unit Dose Medication Dispensing System the percentage of medicines administration discordances with the medical prescription fell (46% to 18%). The identification of medications by nurses improved (18% to 1%).

M. Viprey, X. Dode et al., Hospices Civils de Lyon
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