The PillPick robotic automation system in use packaging medications in a pharmacy.

PillPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

PillPick is the only fully integrated pharmacy automation system that automates the entire process of delivering unit-dose medications for dispensing in patient-specific rings ready to administer. Robotic automation picks and packages pills, dispensing them in our patented, tagged rings to eliminate errors, improve patient safety and drive workflow efficiency – all the way through the returns process.

From pick to patient. Perfectly.

PillPick® automates the picking and packaging of unit-dose medication (pills, vials, syringes and ampoules), then loads them onto a plastic ring so patients never miss a dose and nurses can send more time delivering high-quality care.

Your advantages:

  • Eliminate human touches throughout packaging dispensing and returns processes
  • Store over 50,000 unit doses
  • Create a more efficient pharmacy workflow
  • Ensure the right patient gets the right medication with barcode verification
  • Reduce the risk of dispensing and administering the wrong medications
  • Automate the process from the loading of bulk medication to restocking returns
  • Get complete visibility into your pharmacy operations
PillPick streamlines hospital pharmacy operations and increases accuracy.

Did you know the average medication gets handled 10 times before it gets to the patient?

For every 100,000 prescriptions, one study found that pharmacists made an average of five errors. In the high-stakes medical setting, you want a solution that can save lives… and lawsuits.

PillPick is highly accurate and provides our nurses with the barcoded medications they scan to verify the “five rights” at the bedside. PillPick is an important part of our efforts to establish a safe medication-use system.

Robert Begliomini, Administrator, Pharmacy Services, Lehigh Valley Health Network

The PickRingTM Advantage

Our patented PickRing organizes medication on a single ring for each patient. Each single-dose unit has a bar code, which reduces the opportunity for missed medications and speeds up administration time. PickRings can be loaded according to drug name or sequenced by administration time. They also can be transported in cassettes, carts or pneumatic tube systems.

The patented Swisslog PickRing® medication dispensing system with pill packaging and overwrap.
PickRing medication dispensing system with pill packaging and overwrap.

Robotic automation works around the clock, off the clock.

Thanks to automated picking and packaging, hospitals around the world are tapping into unparalleled accuracy, control and traceability – and increasing safety for patients.

Integrated features include:

  • AutoPhial™ Overwrap Module

    Overwraps vials, syringes, ampoules and cups, allowing items to be barcoded, stored and dispensed automatically.
  • Canister Workstation

    Transfer solid medications from manufacturers’ packaging into tamper-proof, barcoded PillPick Canisters.
  • PillPick Canister Workload

    Accepts up to 12 canisters to convey into the packager, reducing the need for operator intervention.
  • PillPick Packager

    Packages, bar codes and labels pills with a unique serial number for automated dispensing and bedside verification.
  • PillPick Robots

    Two robots can run simultaneously, allowing for both multi-tasking and redundancy to improve productivity.
  • PillPick Storage Unit

    Receives, loads and stores up to 51,060 barcoded unit doses in a variety of formats.

Complete traceability of medications = complete visibility into your pharmacy operations.

And not just that, but reduced operational costs through waste reduction.

From packaging and labeling bulk pharmaceuticals into unit doses, to storing barcoded doses, to automatically assembling patient-specific medications, PillPick is the ultimate automated pharmacy system for patient safety and operational efficiency.

PillPick increases our efficiency, turnaround time and, ultimately, patient safety because medications are not handled by humans and come out of the robot on ready-to-dispense rings, which are verified by barcode.

David Hitchcock, Pharmacy Supervisor, North Kansas City Hospital
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