Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager tracks and traces shipments however they’re sent – whether via the pneumatic tube system, other automated transportation methods or manual transport. With complete visibility into all order details, including status, location and delivery method, you get a single point of control, accountability and traceability throughout the entire delivery process.

An intelligent tracking solution.

Maintaining control of the medication distribution process in your hospital is a critical piece of ensuring chain-of-custody. Combining technology and best-practice workflows to trace materials throughout the hospital, this content tracking solution delivers powerful visibility that keeps pharmacists and nurses on track.

How the Delivery Manager works:

Your pneumatic tube system communicates directly with Delivery Manager Software through RFID technology, instantly updating the status of orders in the tube system. Outside the tubes, bar codes get scanned along the way to provide updates through Delivery Manager.

Are missing medications interrupting your flow?

A study from the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services reported that 62% of pharmacists point to “too many phone calls” as the number one reason for medication errors. The study also revealed that pharmacists fielded as many 10 calls an hour from nurses inquiring about missing orders for their patients.

Delivery Manager was built on the idea that when you reduce the number of missing medications, you reduce the number of interruptions in the pharmacy – which in turn minimizes the opportunity for medication errors.

Your advantages:

  • Complete order visibility – tracks movement from the time the order is received to when it’s delivered

  • Comprehensive tracking – covers manual, automated, and pneumatic tube delivery

  • Real-time information – RFID technology instantly updates the status of orders

  • Convenient access – web-based software is easily accessible on any device within the network

  • Bedside viewing – nurses can access all order details via kiosk screens at patients’ bedsides

  • Easy to implement – built on the proven Swisslog enterprise software platform


Adds on to your pharmacy automation subscription.

Already a pharmacy automation customer? You can easily expand your subscriptions to include Delivery Manager.

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