TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System

TransLogic is a material transport system that can effortlessly handle 10,000+ transactions per day to add security and efficiency to your operations. We’ll work with you to design a system that meets your facility’s needs, then back it up with our world-class support.

Quick, secure and safe material transport

Distance is time. Send and receive materials quickly, securely, and safely. Save up to 200 hours of manual transport every day and free your personnel to focus on delivering patient care.

Installing or upgrading to a TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System means best-practice levels of safety and security, reliability, and, of course, faster transaction times. Our pneumatic tube system delivers the best ROI among its competition, so you can give more attention to the things you really want to be known for.

Your advantages:

  • Custom-design your system to uniquely meet your facility’s needs

  • Ease adoption with our intuitive touchscreen station panel

  • Reduce HIPAA and traceability concerns with security options

  • Recess installation for a minimal footprint

  • Guarantee fast, reliable deliveries and long-life performance

  • Reduce both downtime risk and cost of ownership with 24/7 technical support and available remote system monitoring from our Network Operations Center

  • Ensure smooth operation and compliance with on-site and on-demand training, operators’ manuals and support tools

What could you do with 100 extra hours every day?

At Rose Medical Center, 1,000 tube transactions a day offsets 92-193 hours of manual transport. Witham Memorial Hospital also increased their efficiency after installing a TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System. Steve Strawmyer, Director of Plant Operations & Facilities, cites the reasons he trusted Swisslog:

A quality system, top-notch field/tech support, and reliability – all from a respectable company.

Steve Strawmyer, Director - Plant Operations & Facilities, Witham Memorial Hospital

Build a system that goes the distance.

We've installed our automated transport systems in more than 2,300 hospitals in North America and over 3,000 worldwide. No one has a wider portfolio of healthcare pneumatic tube system accessoires - which means you can design a system that uniquely meets your facility's needs.

Advanced options include:
  • TransLogic Stations

    Stations are where you send, receive and interact with your tube system. We offer a variety of station types that help your transport process run efficiently.

    Learn more.
  • Carriers and Storage Unit

    High-quality carriers protect contents as they travel and are easy to load and unload. Flush-mounted wall units store additional carriers without taking up extra floor space.

    Learn more.
  • Enhanced Security

    Increase patient privacy with a card access system or locking door options.Get real-time tracking through dispatch, arrival and interchange points.

    Learn more.
  • Remote System Monitoring

    Our 24/7 support team can react immediately to alarms, ensuring maximum system uptime.

    Learn more.
  • Automated Carrier Tracking and Delivery Verification

    Get real-time tracking through dispatch, arrival and interchange points.

    Learn more.
  • Alert Messaging and Remote Arrival Indicators

    Alert only certain groups when a carrier tagged for them arrives.

    Learn more.
  • Whisper Receiving System

    Softens the arrival of the carrier, reducing noise and adding cushion for sensitive items.

    Learn more.
  • Delivery Options

    Protect sensitive payloads with slow-speed carrier transport transport.

    Learn more.
See how more hospitals are putting TransLogic® systems to work

Trusted to transport at more than 3,000 hospitals

Connectivity. Reliability. Efficiency. Our material transport systems cover the here to there… and beyond.

2,300 hospitals in North America and over 3,000 worldwide rely on our systems and support to enhance their quality of care. We’ve been delivering innovative solutions to forward-thinking hospitals for over 100 years.

It’s a part of life here - people rely on the system on a daily basis.

Brian Sholes, Director of Design and Construction, Stanford Hospital & Clinics
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