TransCar Automated Guided Vehicle

TransCar is an easy-to-implement Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solution helping hospitals take control of their on-demand and routine material transport. Our self-guided vehicles navigate defined paths at set speeds, delivering flawless here-to-there transport without the bumps and bruises to walls and bodies that go along with human-powered delivery.

Lean machine.
Safe & efficient 24/7 material transport.

When it comes to transporting supplies and materials within healthcare facilities, self-guided vehicles rule the road with their safety and reliability. Our low-maintenance and efficient AGVs are run by TransCar Manager Software to optimize usage and ensure flawless delivery, reducing operational costs. And to keep things humming, our world-class, 24/7 support minimizes recovery time while preventative maintenance programs pay off with maximized uptime.

Changing how you handle your daily transport creates the operational efficiencies you’re tasked with finding and can have a reinvigorating effect on your patient care. When a hospital makes the switch to AGVs, nurses have more time to spend with patientsscheduling needs are reduced, and inventory management is enhanced. 

Your advantages:

  • Low-Profile. Offers great flexibility and maneuverability
  • Heavy-Duty. Transports up to 1,102 lb (500 kg) on a cart
  • Durable. Quality construction goes on and on
  • Reliable. Proven technology, demonstrated ROI
  • Flexible. Customize your programming and scale as you grow
  • Safe. Controlled movement reduces facility and payload damage
  • Adaptable. Virtual pathing doesn’t require building modification

How many hours could you save with an AGV?

Ohio State Medical University saved 160 hours a day by standardizing their delivery processes. We’ll help you determine exactly how TransCar could improve your ROI and change the way your facility manages materials by walking you through a Preliminary Needs Analysis.

A lifecycle cost analysis of the automated guided vehicle system estimated the automated robots will save the Medical Center approximately $1 million per year for 25 years following the installation, as compared to the costs of building and maintaining a manual system.

Ohio State University Medical Center Press Release

From simulation to reality.

We’ll work with you to put together a Preliminary Needs Analysis to define what, where, when, and how materials can be transported with the AGV system, as well as what an estimated return on your investment could look like. Once installed, our custom, flexible TransCar Systems are easily adapted or scaled to meet changing needs or future expansion.

Let's get started

Become a fleet master.

System components include:
  • Vehicles & Carts

    AGVs transport a wide range of carts. On-board navigation via virtual pathing shows the way.

  • Communication System

    Ethernet LAN and Wireless LAN connects vehicles and interfaces to the Manager Software.

  • Pickup and Dropoff Station

    Loading zones with overhead sensors where carts get swapped in and out.

  • TransCar Manager Software

    Directs all system activities. Also interfaces with fire doors, elevators and more.

  • User Dispatch Terminals

    Color touchscreen terminals where staff can key in cart destinations.

  • Battery Charging Station

    Floor-mounted charging plates are aimed to maximize operation time.


  • Cart Washing: Wash, dry and decontaminate.
  • Automatic Dumping: Dispose of trash or soiled linens.

Put your payload on cruise control.

Automating deliveries means you can redeploy human resources to increase efficiencies – conserving time, money and scheduling. Our unique laser navigation system and virtual pathing enables vehicles to identify obstacles and get around your facility smoothly. Just load carts into sending stations and let your fleet do the heavy lifting, safely.

Applications include:

  • Food service
  • Sterile supplies
  • Bulk materials and general supplies
  • Patient equipment
  • Waste disposal
  • Laundry
  • Medication

Automatic transportation is transforming our hospitality organization. On the human side of things, it has allowed us to evolve the competency of our teams, allowing us to spend more time with patients – seven minutes per day, per patient. On the organizational and financial side of things, no more breaking down, complete trackability... We transport more than 60 million euros worth of material per year, which we deliver on time and well.

Clément Dentraygues, Logistics Manager CHU de Dijon, Bocage

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