Interdepartmental Transport

Moving materials around a hospital setting is costly and time-consuming. Pneumatic tube systems, guided vehicles, and mobile robots navigates various operating environments to reliably address efficient transport of supplies, samples and other materials across your healthcare facility.

Interdepartmental transport costs a lot of money – for many hospitals, staffing is over 50% of their budgets. The daily back-and-forth transit of patient care items, pharmacy supplies, specimens, surgical equipment and even food can mean miles on foot each day – and that’s just for one staff person. Plus, with today’s budgets tightening, staff are easily pulled off in other directions due to competing demands, decreasing the reliability that what you need to send will get where it needs to go on time.

Our solutions for interdepartmental transport:

Relay Autonomous Service Robot

Human-centric robot design and affordability opens up exponentially more transport routes and brings delivery robots into many more hospital workflows and delivery locations.

Automated Guided Vehicle® TransCar

Low profile heavy duty solution for daily material transport management. Our AGV navigates defined paths at set speeds complementing other delivery processes.

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Send samples to the lab or deliver transfusions to patients faster than walking, and with more chain-of-custody control. North America only.

TranspoNet™ Pneumatic Tube System

Air-powered transport that’s faster and more trackable than human delivery. Let your staff focus on patient care. Not available in North America.

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