Case Cart Transport

Increasingly hospitals are looking at controlling costs through material management. By centralizing storage, stocking and preparation of surgical and emergency carts for the operating room, hospitals can ensure surgeons have the right instruments and supplies at the right time.

Efficiently deliver case carts containing sterile supplies to the operating room and then return carts with soiled items to central supply for reprocessing.

This avoids the added expense of purchasing more equipment than needed, or delays due to not having the right tools to support operating room procedures along with unnecessary waiting and costly downtime of precious operating room real estate.

Automated material handling systems allow case carts to be moved during off-peak hours, minimizing staff time spent on manual transport and preventing carts from being left in hallways where they can be pilfered.

Improving material management processes has a direct impact on patient care. Benefits include:

  • Fewer delays and less surgeon frustration as the right supplies are available when and where they are needed

  • Standardized delivery quality and timing

  • Ability to track delivery volume and timing

  • Protection against employee injuries and facility damage caused by manual transport

  • Efficient use of staff time

Our services and solutions for case cart transport:

CleanStream® Automated Linen and Waste Removal System

Safely contain and rapidly transport sterile supplies and soiled linens through a totally sealed pipe network to a central collection area within seconds. Up to eight high-throughput pipes can be installed to manage waste streams.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

Self-guided vehicles can move large quantities of clean and soiled linens so staff can focus on patient-care activities, improving the quality of care and reducing operational costs.

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