Consolidated Service Center

A Consolidated Service Center (CSC) works like a warehouse, creating a primary distribution point for products related to your hospital, clinic, pharmacy and other facilities – regardless of your organization’s size. Many large or urban health systems may employ an off-site facility, while other solutions work from within smaller-scale organizations. Consolidation is a powerful cost-cutting strategy, leveraging economies of scale, simplifying processes and streamlining operations to reduce costs.

Consolidation and centralization cuts costs.

When you’re under pressure to not just reduce spending but improve operational efficiency, consolidation reduces costs while boosting patient safety, clinical outcomes and compliance with industry regulations.

By centralizing resources for supply management, pharmacy, laboratory services and food services, CSC is an investment that saves, on average, 5-15% of costs for many hospital systems (Source: Global Healthcare Exchange).

Connecting supply chain management to patient outcomes.

More than simply managing inventory and routing orders, automated solutions for material movement and distribution create connectivity. With integrated options for materials management, pharmacy and automated transport, you can efficiently manage the materials that caregivers need to serve patients wherever care is delivered in your network.

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