Blood Transport

Achieve fast, secure and verified delivery of life-saving blood products. For blood banks, time is critical, and it often means you need to rapidly deliver product from refrigeration to patient in minutes. Getting blood to the right place, the right person and the right patient is made easy with automated transport solutions.

Automated transport solutions for blood banks.

From blood bank to the OR, or STAT to the bedside: Automated material transport solutions automate blood delivery to and from blood banks. When you need it quickly, we get it there – signed, sealed and delivered.

Fast, secure and verified delivery of blood products.

Time is, literally, critical. When moving blood around, not only do you need to be confident in the product’s integrity, but you need to move it to a patient (or refrigeration) quickly to ensure successful treatment and positive outcomes. Elements like temperature, time, accuracy, and packaging all need to be regulated for the best results.

Pneumatic tube system (PTS) and autonomous robot solutions take over the process, adding consistency and predictability while dramatically reducing your transport time, freeing staff from the demands of manual transport to focus on patient care.

Carriers transport critical blood samples from patient care areas to the laboratory.

Our systems are equipped to meet the special requirements of blood transport with built-in and optional safety features like:

Special handling and packaging

Ensure product integrity with proper packaging, a slow-speed option and a soft-delivery feature.


Require ID from authorized personnel to access carriers.


Alert the right personnel to ensure prompt retrieval, eliminating time spent waiting around and deterioration from products left too long.


Log staff IDs upon departure and pickup for trackability and safety.

There is no doubt that the system is effective, and what is really important is that we have the patient in focus. It is simply great that samples can arrive at the hospital from many different departments and over varying distances … We are highly dependent on the system and happy to have it – it is a fantastic tool for transporting blood samples.

Annette Jans, Biomedical Laboratory Technician, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Our portfolio of automated blood transport solutions:

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