ATP Series Automated Tablet Packaging System

The Automated Tablet Packaging System is a high-speed, unit-dose packaging system designed to support any medication distribution model. As a standalone packager, it provides unit-dose dispensing and, when integrated with your hospital’s information system, it can be used to fill orders on demand – including cabinet replenishment orders, patient-specific cart fill or STAT orders. However you put it to work, this versatile system’s automation increases staff efficiency and patient safety.

The ATP System is only available in North America.

Streamlined medication management in an efficient package.

Hospitals and pharmacies rely on our automated tablet packager to streamline their medication management. Available in a standard cabinet size as well as a space-saving tabletop version, the ATP® Series Automated Tablet Packaging System is a key component of any automated pharmacy. It interfaces with multiple devices to streamline inventory management and simplify workflows, and in coordination with automated pharmacy storage systems, it further minimizes human touches and maximizes productivity.


  • High-speed: Handles up to 60 bags a minute.
  • Versatile: A variety of package sizes more economically meets the needs of medication carts and dispensing cabinet replenishments.
  • Accurate: Each package is labeled, and barcoding options are available for an extra safety measure.
  • Expandable: Add on storage for more medication canisters as you grow.
  • Uninterrupted packaging: Two integrated trays allow for pre-staging while the machine continues to package.
  • Greater control: Comes with a self-calibration kit for repurposing existing canisters to accommodate changing National Drug Codes.

With ATP, we’ve seen a reduction in dispensing errors. We have confidence in the accuracy of the products we dispense. In addition, we’ve been able to reduce our formulary size and reduce the inventory we have on hand.

Jeff Binkley, Director of Pharmacy, Maury Regional Hospital, TN

Run without interruptions.

The ATP’s convenient, all-front access makes it easy to load canisters, replace ribbons, and access the user interface, streamlining your workflow and keeping space requirements simple.

System options:

Lower Packaging Unit

Reduce downtime and build in redundancy with a swappable lower packaging unit and spare motor bases. Quickly and easily slide in a backup to prevent workflow interruptions and keep up with on-time distribution needs.

Smart Tray System

Increase traceability and accuracy with lights that alert technicians to check or fill medications, with image verification to enhance safety. Bar codes on the trays ensure more accurate dispensing.

Automatic Package Spooler

Simplify the prescription collation process by easily staging thousands of pouches in a batch on the spooler. The spooling system rounds up batches of pouches destined for a single location, eliminating piles of pouches sitting around waiting for manual sorting and collation. A rolling stand conveniently packs up pouches for distribution to remote floors, wings and other facilities, and facilitates easy loading into carts or cabinets.

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