Modern hospital logistics rely on automated transport to keep things moving. Automated solutions such as pneumatic tube systems and mobile robots can save time and reduce risks – but they can also feel like a big blind spot. Chain-of-custody solutions layer on visibility and verification measures, helping hospital administrators improve patient outcomes, cut costs, stay compliant and reduce critical product losses due to misdirected deliveries or expiration.

Tracking and verification from dispatch to retrieval.

When you’re working with patient-critical items such as blood products or medications, you can’t afford to look for a container that’s not where it’s supposed to be. And you certainly can’t afford to compromise your hospital’s reputation.

Chain-of-custody solutions automatically manage transaction information, so whether you’re transporting blood products, narcotics or antibiotics, you have a trail that traces that material through every step of its journey.

Get control over carriers and their contents.

Identify. Track. Monitor. Report. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you need to know that whatever you’re sending hasn’t been contaminated, tampered with or mishandled during transport. Chain-of-custody solutions answer the critical who-what-where-when questions of hospital transport, like sender and receiver information, delivery confirmation, times – even logging alert notifications. Where manual tracking is time-consuming and prone to human error, automated tracking solutions are easy to implement, accurate and deliver data you can stake your patients’ lives on.

With total chain of custody for automated material transport, hospitals reduce risk and improve patient outcomes by:

  • Tracking carriers and their contents from dispatch to arrival

  • Restricting access by limiting pickup to approved personnel only

  • Confirming when carriers depart the station and when they’re delivered

  • Notifying staff of arrival, maintenance issues or equipment failures

  • Recording all transactions to address compliance or regulatory concerns

Swisslog Healthcare listened to their customers, and customers said, we don’t like the way we are using carriers that can go anywhere in the system. So Swisslog Healthcare came up with RFID technology, and now, stations can identify which carrier, by its attributes, is in the system…

Chief Engineer, Flagstaff Medical Center, Arizona, United States

White Paper

"Four Essential Elements for Chain-of-Custody Solutions in Healthcare"


Chain-of-custody solutions provide transaction visibility and are an effective weapon against narcotics theft and diversion. This paper provides a clear understanding of chain-of-custody related to automated material transport to help hospital administrators improve patient outcomes, cut costs and identify medication thieves and diverters.

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