TransCheck™ Validation Service

No hospital is immune: if you’re using a pneumatic tube system (PTS), you’re required to evaluate your system for safe medical transport. TransCheck Validation Service tells you more than traditional means of testing can. Specialized carriers run through your system to give you insight into what kinds of forces transported goods are exposed to, like g-forces, jolts, temperature, speed and vibrations. And, because it’s a technical validation, our software can identify any necessary system improvements so you can fix the problem without causing delays.

TransCheck is only available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Optimize automated transport through validation

Come validation time, there’s a better way than testing systems with samples from your patients (or colleagues).

In traditional chemical validation, you take a certain number of blood samples, transport one set by foot and another by PTS, then analyze and compare them against each other. Now there is a simpler way to know if your samples and medications are transported safely – with the TransCheck Validation Service.

With technical validation through TransCheck, you can cost-effectively optimize automated transport of sensitive samples (blood, oncology samples, etc.) that can be affected by excessive vibration.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce costs associated with chemical validation
  • Relieve the ethical concerns of conventional chemical validation with human blood samples (90% reduction in actual samples needed)
  • Measure physical parameters like g-forces, jolts, temperature, speed and vibrations
  • Identify any necessary system improvements
  • Evaluate transport quality for internal quality management
  • Support the accreditation (and annual revalidation) of medical laboratories to ISO 15189

Are your samples safe?

While blood can handle speed, it does not like bumps and jolts. And no matter how carefully you’ve designed your transport system, buildings shift and settle and usage may be different than anticipated.

The TransCheck Validation Service can identify any necessary system improvements with accuracy – so you can get in, make the fix, and get out. All with minimal interruption to your patient care.

Supports accreditation to ISO 15189.

TransCheck supports you during the accreditation and annual revalidation process, analyzing and validating the integrity of blood samples during transport.

Case Study: TransCheck Validation Service

Whether brand new or long-time running: Any pneumatic tube transport system can benefit from a little accountability.

A new hospital in the Netherlands used TransCheck Validation Service to assess their new system. An analysis showed that because of the bends in their lines, reducing transport speed would maintain the integrity of their samples. Easy fix!

>> Read the complete Case Study

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