Analysis and Simulation

Whether you already have a system in place or you’re considering whether a healthcare automation solution is right for your facility, our System Design Analysis group is on task to project an intelligent picture of how you can maximize your operational effectiveness.

System Analysis

Review. Analyze. Optimize.

When the right team asks the right questions and goes digging for data, improved performance is just around the corner. Our System Design Analysis group will step in to ensure new or existing systems meet your specific needs for throughput, scalability and peak demand.

We’ll work with your facility managers, planners, designers and architects to:

  • Consult on infrastructure planning

  • Analyze transport traffic

  • Review how staff uses your existing system

  • Conduct system performance reviews

  • Run simulations to determine the best design for your facility’s need

  • Benchmark performance

Design Simulations

Simulate. Measure. Perform.

For new systems

Simulations give a 3D look at a system’s ability to perform in your space, modeling real-world behavior for measurable performance. Using this technology, we can anticipate and provide data around volume handling, potential bottlenecks and performance. We’ll run a simulation early in the design process so we can build you the most efficient, effective solution.

For existing systems

It’s inevitable: Your facility’s day-to-day needs are going to change. No matter how long your current system (whether ours or not) has been in place, a closer look at the data in action usually reveals ways to maximize your operational effectiveness.

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