AutoStore Automated Storage and Picking System

AutoStore is an automated storage and retrieval system for medical and surgical supplies, housekeeping supplies and small goods in low units of measure. This high-density, space-saving system optimizes material movement to expedite order fulfillment within a healthcare system. And with its integrated logistics system, it lightens the load of supply chain management in a big way.

The future of warehousing.

A typical hospital distribution center contains thousands of static storage locations, requiring employees to walk the aisles, manually picking goods from multiple locations. Not only does this take time and lots of labor, but it can lead to costly picking errors.

AutoStore automates these processes and brings the goods right to the picker, decreasing turnaround time, improving operating margins and increasing throughput across your entire supply chain.

How AutoStore works

Radio-controlled, battery-powered robots move along a grid on top of stacks of bins. When a picking order comes in, robots lift bins from the stacks and deliver them to the picking station where an operator verifies the contents and adds picks to the order. The robot then returns the bin to storage. New stock is loaded into bins for storage, and as soon as those bins are stored, they’re ready to be picked.

If it can fit in a bin, AutoStore can store it.


What if you could store more... with less space?

Traditional warehousing approaches just can’t compete with the high-density AutoStore supply storage. As part of a high-performing consolidated service center, it’s a giant leap toward making supply chain management more efficient. Plus, you even get more insight into the goods you store with the integrated logistics system.

  • 50% increase in picking speed

  • 60% reduction in inventory storage footprint

  • 90% improvement in picking errors over non-automated distribution centers

  • Faster turnaround times

  • More secure storage of med-surg supplies

  • Easily expandable system

Your Advantages:

  • Goods-to-person technology – eliminates human touches and opportunity for error

  • Flexible design – fits into any existing warehouse

  • Multi-tasking – goods can be simultaneously picked and stocked at the same time

  • Self-optimizing – high-frequency bins are automatically organized to expedite picking

  • Controlled access – access to bins is only from ports, reducing product loss

  • Built-in redundancy – each unit and robot operates independently

  • Minimal training requirements – operators only need to follow basic pick-to-light instructions

Reliable. Flexible. Expandable.

Fully automated bin storage, retrieval and delivery translates to your operators being able to access up to four bins within one minute. And when you grow, the space-optimizing AutoStore design is easy to expand – just add another vertical level or row to the stack.

[AutoStore] has allowed us to continue to increase our cutoff times, expand our product offering in a temperature-controlled environment and cover our expanding customer base.

Bill Abington, President of Global Operations for Medline

We chose the Swisslog WMS and AutoStore platform because of its proven ability to streamline operational processes such as space utilization, labor productivity and demand planning. The AutoStore will enable us to pick vital supplies at a significantly higher accuracy and velocity rate. This will ensure that when we are ready to expand our operation, our systems are poised to handle our growth.

Dennis Mullins, Vice President Supply Chain Operations, Indiana University Health

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