Pharmacy Manager

The Pharmacy Manager is a medication management software designed with growing health systems (and specifically, acute-care pharmacies) in mind. It takes the lead on incoming and outgoing orders, becoming the central point of truth for pharmacy inventory control. This all-seeing software does more than just manage inventory – it provides the operational framework for your inpatient pharmacy.

Connecting supply chain to patient delivery.

With a “perpetual inventory” approach to hospital medication management, adding insight and control to the movement of medication across your entire enterprise has never been simpler. Our software interfaces with automation and third-party software, like those from drug wholesalers, to totally connect the supply chain to patient delivery.

How the Pharmacy Manager works:

  • Each day, the system will suggest a daily order based on current inventory levels, automating the purchase orders.

  • When you scan incoming deliveries, Pharmacy Manager logs vital information, like expiration dates.

  • Once items are stocked, the system tracks usage trends and actively manages products, dispensing medications efficiently from the most logical inventory locations and even removing expired items from inventory.

  • Then, it places replenishment orders with the wholesaler only when needed.

  • Outgoing deliveries are scanned, no matter whether they come from automated locations or static shelving.

What if you could truly stay on top of your inventory?

From hospital expansions to acquisitions, the rapidly changing healthcare landscape demands agility and resilience from every stakeholder. Our software’s easy-to-use interface and dashboard reporting enable your pharmacists to accurately manage drug inventory, decrease carrying costs and reduce waste to improve the operational health of your pharmacy, ultimately ensuring the right drug reaches the right patient.

Your advantages:

  • Optimize inventory levels

  • Control drug spend

  • Reduce drug waste

  • Optimize purchasing patterns

  • Improve medication safety at dispense

  • Manage inventory from anywhere

Comes standard with Swisslog Healthcare inpatient automation.

When you invest in our pharmacy automation solutions from Swisslog Healthcare, we will tailor the best Pharmacy Manager solution to match our automated system and your specific operating environment.

Multi-site functionality for other locations in your health system can be easily added through additional subscriptions.

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