BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System

BoxPicker is a high-density, fully automated modular storage and retrieval system for hospital pharmacies. With more storage capacity than traditional technology, BoxPicker uses robots to multitask, reducing picking time and boosting efficiency. Paired with ATP and Pharmacy Manager, this three-pronged solution creates connections throughout the medication distribution process to transform your workflow.

Streamline your pharmacy operations.

Medication management from wholesaler to patient. BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage System fills scheduled patient orders, on-demand or STAT orders, and replenishes cabinets so you have better insight into your inventory. By automating medication storage and retrieval, you’ll eliminate picking errors and create a more efficient pharmacy workflow.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automates retrieval and verification
  • Offers a single source for storing packaged, bulk medications and supplies
  • Doesn’t expose users to internal moving parts
  • Easily expands as your needs change and grow
  • Accommodates ambient, refrigerated, and dual-temperature storage requirements
  • Secure access ensures inventory control and decreases opportunity for error

How much time do you spend doing inventory?

With BoxPicker giving you instant, accurate access to your in-stock value, not only do you have more time spend on patient-critical tasks, but you can finally optimize your stock levels. When you install a BoxPicker System, you’ll transform workflows while improving medication safety, security and efficiency within your entire healthcare organization.

While implementing the system required a significant outlay of time, money and energy, the efficiencies and safety mechanisms it provides make it well worth the investment.

Richard Mendribil, Health System Director, Northern Arizona Health

BoxPicker: Customer Success Stories

Improved hospital pharmacy workflow and increased medication safety and accuracy:

Discover how St. Joseph Hospital improved and streamlined its workflow and staff efficiency and maximized its pharmacy's medication storage by fully automating their drug storage with a configurable installation of the BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage System.

>> See all success stories


Pick up your pace.

Keep more things moving with superior picking performance over conventional storage systems.

Elevate efficiency: Improve hourly productivity and picking performance through multi-user, multi-tasking, automated storage and retrieval.

Simplify inventory: Manage 100% of medication inventory with real-time valuation and optimize the level of inventory you’re storing.

Increase safety: Scan-in/scan-out technology limits access to medication and increases accuracy.

Increase staff satisfaction: When staff have more time to spend on meaningful tasks, more confidence that they’re pulling the right medication and are pulling fewer overtime hours, it’s no surprise they report higher morale. That’s the power of a good solution.

A BoxPicker Drug Storage and Medication Dispensing System in a hospital pharmacy.

Scalable and expandable.

BoxPicker expands as your storage needs change, something vertical storage systems can't do. Our team will get to know you and your needs and custom-design a configuration to perfectly suit your space.

System options:
  • Additional Picking Bays

    You have the option of adding more operator stations - either on the same side or on opposite sides of the BoxPicker, so operators can work simultaneously.
  • Cleanrooms

    Cleanrooms with storage and pass-through capabilities remove the need to enter anterooms to deliver stock and support USP <797> compliance. Positive-pressure airflow ensures environmental integrity.

With the BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage System, hospital pharmacies can fully automate medication storage and retrieval; which not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow.

Richard Mendribil, Health System Director, Northern Arizona Health
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