Facilities Management

Keeping care environments up and running.

Healthy systems are critical to patient care. When nurses receive the right medications to administer, when samples get to the lab quickly, when everyone gets what they need to do their jobs in a timely manner, patients walk out your doors with a positive impression. And when you’re operating high-volume, automated transport technology it’s not just nice for everything to be up to speed – it’s critical.

You know: Risk and unreliability cost money. By prioritizing thorough planning, preventive maintenance and rapid response to maintenance events, you can extend the life of your investment, reduce costly downtime and lower your total cost of ownership. It’s a win all the way around.

Facilities managers are tasked with supporting a clean and reliable healthcare environment. One responsibility on that list: ensuring the performance of your facility’s pneumatic tube system (PTS).

We stand by and support two principles when it comes to maintaining our products:

  1. Don’t wait until something breaks.

  2. Prioritize a positive patient impression.

To that end, our portfolio of industry-leading services and solutions is at your service to help lighten the load of running an efficient environment. You support your hospital. We’ll support you.

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