PowerStore PalletShuttleSystem

PowerStore is a robotic storage and retrieval system designed for deep storage of palletized loads. Developed with enterprises in mind, it’s an automation solution that adapts to any warehouse — no matter the size constraints — to retrofit the existing space to a fully automated warehouse solution.

The simultaneous use of automated storage and retrieval devices, along with lifts performing work independently means PowerStore has the ability to make every warehouse the world’s most efficient with the highest density and throughput in the industry. To learn more about how PowerStore can work for your organization, download the Pepsi Bottling Ventures case study.

Watch the following video to see PowerStore in action and learn how it can reduce pallet handling from seven occurrences to only one.

  • High density; double your storage capacity 

  • Sustainability; reduce consumption, lower operating costs, lower carbon emissions, and decrease storage waste

  • Flexible & Scalable; conforms to any building regardless of shape or size

  • Cost efficient; eliminates need for new construction

  • Load weight per transport unit: up to 1 500 kg, standard application
  • Aisle Carrier vehicle speed: up to 5m/s
  • Row Carrier vehicle speed: up to 3m/s
  • Vertical Conveyor: up to 2m/s
  • Throughput up to 200 pallets per hour per module
  • Temperature range Ambient version: 32 F - 113 F (0 - 45 °C)
  • Freezer version: -22 F – 32 F (-30 - 0°C)

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Factsheet PowerStore

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