Improve patient safety

Eliminate medication errors by automating medication packaging, storage and retrieval

Ensure patients receive the right drug and dose at the right time

Provide nurses with a patient’s specific medications on a single ring, ready for bedside verification

Boost pharmacy production

Decrease human touchpoints in barcoding, packaging and storing medications

Ensure complete traceability of medication

Achieve greater safety throughout the entire process including at the point of administration

Minimize waste

Automate returns and enable more accurate patient billing

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

A pharmacy automation system, PillPick helps hospitals eliminate the opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing—ultimately increasing patient safety. PillPick decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing and dispensing unit dose medications. By automating these tasks, the packaging and dispensing system streamlines hospital pharmacy operations and increases accuracy.

The patented PickRing® delivers patient-specific medication on a single ring. Nurses now have access to a 24-hour barcoded supply of a patient’s medication, which reduces the opportunity for missed medications and speeds up administration time. PickRings are flexible in that they can be assembled by drug name or sequenced by administration time, as well as transported in cassettes, carts or pneumatic tube systems.


The PillPick System ensures complete traceability of medication, which not only provides greater safety at the point of administration but also minimizes waste and reduces operational costs. From packaging and labeling bulk pharmaceuticals into unit doses, to storing barcoded doses, to automatically assembling patient-specific medications, PillPick is the ultimate automated pharmacy system for patient safety and operational efficiency.

Watch how PillPick automates unit dose packaging through dispensing.

AutoPhial™ Overwrap Module

As the only over-bagger fully integrated with a packager and drug storage warehouse, the AutoPhial Overwrap Module helps boost pharmacy efficiency by automating the packaging of overwrapped vials, cups, ampoules, syringes and blisters. Additionally, the AutoPhial provides manual packaging for individual medication for one-of-a-kind or low-volume products.


TranspoNet Integration Unit

(Not available in North America)

The TranspoNet Integration Unit automatically loads patient-specific, unit-dose PickRings produced by the PillPick Packaging and Dispensing System into TranspoNet Carriers. Without any manual handling, the PickRings are transported to the wards via the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System (PTS). Through the seamless connection of the PTS with the PillPick by the TranspoNet Integration Unit and its automated handling of drugs, hospitals can achieve the highest level of safety for patients.

“[PillPick] will increase our efficiency, turnaround time and ultimately, patient safety because medications are not handled by humans and come out of the robot on ready-to-dispense rings, which are verified by barcode.”

David Hitchcock, Pharmacy Supervisor, North Kansas City Hospital

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