MedPortal Inventory Management Software

End-to-end integration from wholesaler to the patient

> Better manage and control medication inventory
> Gain a comprehensive view into drug spend and utilization data

MedPortal Inventory Management Software

Maintain a continual state of readiness

Efficiently manage medication inventory across all locations

MedPortal Inventory Management Software

Focus on big-picture goals

Free pharmacists from routine management tasks, so they can focus on patient care

MedPortal® Inventory Management Software

MedPortal allows pharmacists to focus on the challenges presented by drug shortages and healthcare reform-by automating medication management and giving them access to accurate, actionable information. With this information at their fingertips, they can optimize pharmacy workflow and maintain a continual state of readiness.

Enterprise-wide inventory management software, MedPortal allows staff across multiple hospitals, clinics, offices, or pharmacies to manage medication. Only MedPortal provides end-to-end integration from the wholesaler to the patient. The pharmacy management software offers unlimited access points and tracks medications regardless of storage location or number and types of automation currently in use.

An easy-to-use interface and dashboard reporting enables pharmacists to accurately manage drug inventory, track expired drugs, automatically replenish stock, and confirm dispense orders to ensure the right drug reaches the right patient. By actively managing medication, pharmacies can improve patient safety and reduce on-hand inventory by up to 10%.

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