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Is your intralogistics ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future?

Optimal performance thanks to Industry 4.0

Swisslog’s Industry 4.0 concept secures tomorrow’s intralogistics processes today. Thanks to flexible, adaptive logistics solutions, warehouses will remain efficient even in the face of constantly changing customer requirements.

As a visionary and pioneer of fully integrated and digitalized logistics processes, Swisslog is already offering its customers future-proof solutions today. State-of-the-art sensors, data collection methods, and optimization algorithms based on big data analyses are the cornerstones of a new service portfolio that monitors all Swisslog facilities throughout their entire lifecycle. Together with the Augsburg-based KUKA Group, Swisslog is developing new solutions that not only help individuals perform difficult and repetitive logistics tasks but also control processes, thus contributing to sustainable process optimization.

Through the integration of the latest warehouse automation technologies with state-of the-art software, as well as a variety of innovative services across all warehouse operations, Swisslog’s Industry 4.0 solution portfolio is already considered a pioneer in future-proofing warehouse automation. Working in close cooperation with customers, Swisslog is rapidly innovating a new level of flexibility and adaptability into its solutions.

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Predicting the future

In recent years, the age of digital networking has gradually made its way into industrial processes. Recently popularized terms such as Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing refer to the end-to-end digitalization of intralogistics and production. The goal is the optimization of the entire value chain. Simply put, Industry 4.0 technologies open the door to creating a digital image of reality (a “digital shadow”) that can be used as a basis for optimizing physical processes.

Swisslog’s Smart Logistics approach relies on the analysis of a wealth of historical and future forecasted data. Digital shadows ensure that warehouse processes run at optimal performance even under constantly changing conditions.

Swisslog and KUKA presented solutions to digitalization in various industries at the leading exhibitions.

"Rigid logistics is a thing of the past. We are ready for the journey into the future and will start it together with our customers."

Dr. Kerstin Höfle, Innovation Manager, Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

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