Swisslog’s ZoneRunner optimizes picking of individual items.

Accurate Zone-To-Zone Picking with ZoneRunner

Maximum efficiency for single-item picking

ZoneRunner for Single-Item Picking

Using a zone-to-zone approach, Swisslog’s ZoneRunner increases picking accuracy and performance of single items. The semi-automated, piece-pick solution allows for high visibility of totes and cartons throughout retail and food warehouse environments.

Swisslog’s ZoneRunner provides an efficient and reliable method for single picking of items in retail and food warehouses. Based on four models, the ZoneRunner can handle a large number of orders at the same time because of short walking distances and ergonomic picking stations.

  • Streamlined and more efficient processes
  • High accuracy and order fulfillment rates
  • Double-deep pick slots and short replenishment cycles
  • Multilevel picking for efficient building storage
  • Increased inventory accuracy and visibility
  • SKU range: 1 000 - 50 000
  • Order lines range: 1 000 - 10 000/day
  • Buffer storage type: Totes and carton boxes
  • dm-Drogerie Markt, Germany
    Foreseeing large future growth, dm-drogerie markt enlisted Swisslog to assist with the planning and implementation of a new pharmaceutical distribution center.
  • Dahl Svergie AB, Sweden
    Dahl Svergie AB successfully managed escalating growth by implementing Swisslog’s customer order picking solutions to increase warehouse storage and handling capacity.
  • Pets at Home, United Kingdom
  • Royal Talents, Netherlands

The solution has truly met our expectations. We have been able to implement what we call the 50/50/50 principle: 50% more products on 50% of the surface area with 50% fewer people.

Mikael Hansson, Dahl Sverige AB

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